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When I sat in front of different computers with various operating systems running with different browsers I was tired of always missing links to favorite or helpful internet sites and online information. So, arround 1999 I looked aroud for some handy online bookmark manager. I found www.myhq.com, fast and comletety based on text.

With the time these link list growed an my colleges are also interested in these list. So I decided to give the public access to it. Around early 2001 I decided to put create a homepage and put links to the four main categories of this bookmark list.

However it would be nice to have a little bit more information available as just a plain list of links, and so i decide to craete something wiki like that can hold descriptive text beside the links. Although my web site is called Tom's Elektro-Wiki you will find categories like Software or Linux. I don't consider this off topic. You see, nowadays even simple electronic devices house some kind of computer running some kind of software? What electronic design engineer does his work without the aid of computer programs. Who hasn't been …


Anyone is welcome to contribute. However, unlike wikipedia there is no button to create a login by yourself. This is because I don't have the nerves to deal with anonymous vandalism. Consequently, you have to write an email to the site admin to gain access. He will gladly send you a login. ~~UP~~

Technology Behind

The DokuWiki

There are many Wikis around in the web, however most of them require setting up a database. My philosophy behind the site (and hopefully behind all of my other work) is „kiss“! That is „keep it stupid simple“. In order to follow this approach my decision fallsed on DokuWiki that manages all pages as plain ASCII files.

This site uses below DokuWiki plugin modules for extension:

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The web server statistics of this site is created by the Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) CGI script.

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